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Our story


      Do not bother me ! You people will never understand my world !
      Enough !
      I will never compromise with you !
      Your numbness only arouses my anger !
      Look at me,your coward ! I am walking on the unbound way.

      Free Thought & Dark Light
      Devour all dross and create the paradise of ideal.
      Rebel is for innovation.



I am Rock,born at Hayward Ca.Lived in an artistic family until 18.
The world has its own rules.They do not belong to me and can never restrict my soul.I love art so much that I will not be trapped by traditional education and stereotype.My ideal is so far away from here. When I was 18, I carried my favourite 35mm Nikkormat camera  and started my life of wandering.
From New York to London,walking through every holy land of punk, I found every one is unique. We are one group, one tribe. We have no money but we have life.Someone uses music to scream out their mind,I use my camera to record every exciting soul and passional moments.
Longer I live here, stronger my passion is.I am eager for strange clothes and smell of blood.Then I started to design my own clothes and jewelry.
In 2005,I decided and created my own brand: EVBEA.It is the accomplishment of my understanding of punk.From my point of view, ideal is dark light.It absorbs all other colours and shines its own true colour.
Yes ! Say what you think and live what you like.Be brave and full of courage.